Memory improvement tips

Memory improvement tips :

Use the whole mind rather than simply trying to put the things you read in memory…..
Dear student
Do you know that most students try to memorize the things they read. This tendency however is not very effective for successful retrieval of the content. Moreover, it puts extra pressure on your memory system. Researches in the field of pedagogy as well as our everyday observations reveal that one who elaborates a topic more, knows it more and retains it more in comparison to one who just focuses on memorising.
This is equally true for procedural memory as well. It’s why Bruce Lee once said ” I don’t fear those who have practiced thousands punches but I do fear one who has practiced a single punch thousand times and in thousands ways”.
Elaborate learning and practice is the key for a sound memory system .
Whatever you read, elaborate the idea with several examples. You will never be disappointed with its memory.
-Arun Kumar