Military Psychology

Q. Psychology has significant roles in the military organisation. Explain how.

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  1. From constructing suitable psychological tests for personnel selection to designing rehabilitation programmes for retired soldiers, and from identification of stress-related disorders affecting military personnel to designing effective treatments, psychology has significant roles to play in various domains towards enhancing effectiveness of military organisations.

    The work environment in military organisations is characterised by the presence of highly stressful events (traumatic and life-threatening) that are unpredictable and chronic in nature making military people vulnerable towards developing anxiety, anger and depression (Sharma and Sharma).
    So military psychologists develop assessment and monitoring tools such as State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI), and design intervention strategies such as Buddy Debriefing for prevention and treatment of such mental health issues.

    Also at the organisational level, psychologists in coordination with military leadership and policymakers develop strategies towards restructuring at the systemic level for e.g. opening up accessible communication channels for superior-subordinate coordination, making system more responsive to the demands of military personnel, all in the direction to reduce stress factors and increase efficiency of personnel.

    Also in improving the interaction between defence personnel, processes and technologies (human engineering in defence) with the objective of improving overall effectiveness of the system, psychology has lot to contribute.
    So as we can see psychology has lot to offer in military organisations, and therefore military psychology has emerged as a promising field.

    1. Almost every thing you have touched in your answer. It could be better if you order your ideas from the entry to the exit point of a military person…

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