Psychology CSE’16: Model Answer


Q.Explain how fundamental understanding of psychology is helpful in the resolution of societal problems​.10 marks. (CSE 2016 )


Model answer:

The Right Approach to the question : As this question carries only 10 marks , we must not write any introduction and answer the question as directly as possible. We need not to define but clarify  the meaning of social problems. The answer must show that proper handling of a social problem requires the knowledge of the fundamental principles of psychology which are put into application to work out the most scientific solution.

The Answer :

Social problems are very complex in nature and often require interdisciplinary approach to deal with them. Psychological principles of behaviour are required to understand  the behavioural aspects of associated with the problem.

Smoking is one of the big causes​ behind oral cancer which is becoming a social problem . To know the cause of this problem we must focus on the question” why , despite having awareness of the probable consequences, a person keeps smoking. The fundamental principle of motivation help us to understand the psychology of addiction. The positive feelings caused by nicotine in the beginning is reinforcing . When the person tries to give up and when he/she doesn’t smoke for a day, he does not feel normal but extremely  negative. This negativity, now motivates person to use cigarette.( Solomon).

Now a deaddiction program must approach the problem from the both sides to get rid of addiction. Therapy is designed in such a way that smoking  is neither reinforcing nor its withdrawal symptoms create negative drive or urge to reuse cigarettes. A doctor must manage the withdrawal symptoms either medically or non medically.

Without having the understanding of the fundamental principles of psychology we can’t get rid of such social problems.

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