Too much planned, little executed…

Most students have issues of successful execution of what they plan. Do you know why?
I have been guiding civil service aspirants for more than 15 years. I have been witness of their planning, preparation, performance, success and failure. From my own experience as well as from the general behaviour research findings I can tell you that this is primarily because of the following reasons ..
1.Too unrealistic and idealistic planning without taking ground realities into account.
Most students, while planning for the preparation go ideal . But several of them are too idealistic to be executed. You may be interested in knowing why they are too idealistic. As research in psychology indicates, such idealistic tendencies are partly because of personality factor. Highly emotional individuals having some introvert traits have more of such tendencies. In layman terms, such individuals are not well aware and informed of their own personal reality as well as realities of the field. Both genes and past experience are responsible for this.
Sometimes everyone finds difficulty in implementing a plan and this is very common. But when someone fails to do again and again it indicates towards some deficiency. It is like hypertension. Any one can find his BP is high sometime. But what if his BP is high most of the time? It indicates that he has hypertension.
Arun Kumar