Q. Explain how the fundamental  understanding of psychology help in the resolution of societal problems. 10 ( CSE 16 )

The right approach: As the question asks for uses of fundamental understanding of psychology for solving societal problems, you must take help of a few fundamental principles and show its application in solving some social problems.

Model answer:

Fundamental understanding of psychology helps in understanding the depth of a social problem and thus helps to come out with the remedies. For an example,Juvenile delinquency is an important social problem. Psychological approach to this issue helps to understand that juvenile often commits crime under intense emotional pressure without actually knowing what their actions would lead to( principle –hormones rule the cognition). They also often do that under the peer pressure( principle Peer acceptance and recognition become important). For instance, a boy who has been rejected by a girl for the offer he made, tends to commit crime of punishing the girl. He doesn’t do that by undergoing proper cognitive analysis, instead he does that under emotional disturbance and peer pressure. As Elizabeth B. Hurlock  a noted development psychologist stressed adolescents possess heightened emotionality, which often overtakes their cognitive intelligence.

This fundamental understanding of psychology helps the authority to know that juvenile delinquents need reforms more than the punishment.

Likewise, The antidote to the problem of low literacy rate of girl child in India requires a psychological understanding. This helps to understand the prejudice and stereotypes attached to the reluctance of parents to send their girl child to the school. And the fundamental understanding of prejudice  ands handling ( like prejudiced behaviour may have roots in stereotyped beliefs and may operate as a group accepted norms )  suggests  the authority to take up awareness camps especially in villages for encouraging the population to send their daughters to the school. They can be educated about the fact that educated girls would lower down the burden like demand for dowry etc. psychological knowledge  of a social problem therefore  is imperative to  uproot it fully.