psychology as science


  • psychology should be treated as a social science- argue in favour.


  1. To examine the position of psychology within the framework of social sciences we must understand the essential features of social sciences. Social sciences deal with individuals and institutions;  and they invariably involve value judgement. Unlike physical and natural sciences which are value neutral and aim at formulating universal principles, social sciences approach social realities from value perspectives and focus on  variations in perceptions of peoples due to variation in their values. When one should get married is a question involving social reality and cultures and communities vary in their answers . Social sciences focus on values and their variations.Moreover, it tries to understand interpretive realities which is just opposite to natural science approach which looks for objective reality. Realities vary across cultures and contexts.Meaning of a social reality is not obvious. It varies .Social science focuses more on qualitative variation than just on quantitative variation. Rather to know if attitude towards women’s right is weak or strong, it tries to know what’s the attitude. Is it just or not?Psychology does fit within the framework of social science as human behavior and mental processes have deeply embedded social reality. Prejudice is a mental construct but it has its root in society. Values are one of the chief social factors that influence human behavior . Social science frameworks are for individuals and institutions. Psychology is not beyond its boundary.