Q. 1( a ). Describe how you used psychology to solve a social problem. 10 Marks ( CSE 2017, Paper 1)

The approach: This question is very interesting. You need to answer this question from your own life. The question specifically asks how you used psychology to solve some social problems.The answer should have content from actual application rather than exploring potential applications which most students, erroneously do. If you, yourself, have not used psychological principles then write the answer as a party of the application .And don’t forget that question carries ten marks only.

The answer: In the recent past, I witnessed a very ugly face of Delhi. The residents of a block of a village of south Delhi were facing water crisis from several years. Most of the residents were from scheduled castes and low in the power structure of the village. They were having several problems due to this water crisis as they needed to remain awake almost whole night to get water for 15 minutes . They were fighting with each other for the water.

I found the case highly inhuman as other parts of the village were getting regular water supply.I wrote several letters to Delhi jal board but no one took cognisance of the problem. Then I took help of RTI .

I knew that socially weaker people would not fought unless I provide them the leadership. I used the principles of social leadership. I guided, coached, motivated them to be assertive and assured them for success. A good leader inspires success .Down the lane, I tried to motivate them by using cognitive principle( goal motivates, reasons to achieve the goals motivate).

Side by side, I kept pursuing the issue with RTI. This became instrumental in getting the goals. As I knew ,VIE theory of motivation is valid in the organisations and it will work well in this social setting also.

We got success after fighting for almost a year. I mobilised the community leader – types youth to come forward for the social cause.  We were convinced that when the whole community become aware, solution would certainly come. Moreover, I persuaded women to participate in the agitation. Women participation added extra fuels to the agitation.

The community principle that mass participation enhances social energy, was successful in achieving solutions to the social problem.