Q.Distinguish between the quantitative and qualitative research studies.

Model answer Hints :
Qualitative research studies differ from quantitative studies in five important ways.
1. Objective versus subjective : Qualitative research studies don’t try to avoid subjectivity as it happens in the quantitative studies. Qualitative researches rather actively seek out subjective thought and feeling as these are often the determinants of one’s behaviour.
2. Specific versus holistic : Quantitative studies emphasize operationalisation of variables so that they could be observed specifically. Qualitative research on the other hand takes case study approach and tries to understand the incident holistically.
3. Guiding philosophy of validity :
Qualitative research is not predesigned like quantitative research studies where logic guides what should be controlled( and thus not observed) and what should be observed. Qualitative approach is open for all sorts of influences, quantifiable as well as non quantifiable
Its guiding philosophy is basically empericism( experience) . The guiding philosophy of the quantitative studies is basically rationalism(  strict logical testing ).
4. Sample size. Quantitative researches take large sample in size while that of qualitative research studies take small sample. The larger the sample size, the greater the validity of the observation. But this is not the belief in the qualitative research. Fewer experienced peoples may give more valid perceptions.
5. Value neutral versus value driven perception : Quantitative science is “value neutral” whereas qualitative research strive for valued opinion. It doesn’t matter who says in science but it does matter in qualitative model of enquiry. Moreover, science tries for context independent whereas the latter emphasizes contextual meaning of the reality.