Q. Evaluate the psychological consequences of social media in interpersonal relationships. 15 marks, CSE 2016.

Q. Evaluate the psychological consequences of social media in interpersonal relationships. 15 marks, CSE 2016.
Model answer hints:
Media refers to some medium for communication. . Social media like, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and the like have several additional significant features. it’s a two ways, instant, convenient, for-everyone communication system. Social media are true mass media.
Social media is a new technology of this edge. This technology has engaged everyone directly and indirectly. Its impact is multidimensional.
Interpersonal relationships in this age is undergoing a paradigm shift.

  1. Relationship goes global: ..no geographical and political boundaries. Cultural mixing due to social learning.
  2. Quantum of relationship has multiplied. This technology helps us discover even those people whom we had in school and College long time back. The lost relationship, remote relationship, new relationship have come into existence. Facebook data shows that people have progressively increasing network of relationship.
  3. Quality of relationship:( is it just number or really relationship?) Virtual relationship and actual relationship are being compared. Now many people feel that it is just the number that has increased. ( ASSOCHAM survey Research )
  4. Good, bad and ugly relationships: examples..Recent incidents of the influence terrorist outfits like ISIS, LeT , AlQuaida etc on the young individuals become possible because of social media.
  5. Empty and half relationship?Only happiness is published .. communicated.
  6. Marketing of relationship: ..likes and followers are purchased.
  7. Revenge posting.. irreversible damage. Moreover, impu
  8. Fast food like relationship..due to choices available through social media.. Move on culture.. materialization of relationship. Devaluing of relationship
  9. Load of the past relationships( eg past posts
    affecting the current relationship.

Psychologically evaluating, social media is changing the nature of, attitude towards and values of interpersonal relationship.

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