Reading doesn’t necessarily mean learning..

As a faculty and Mentor for the CSE examination, I have noticed that several students read a lot; they seemingly work very hard and give more time for study than other students do , but when the time comes to actually perform in the tests they do not do well. This was a very intriguing matter for me. In order to understand the problem i started observing and analyzing my own as well as our students studying behaviours.
Now after knowing and understanding a no. of cases i came to discover a crucial fact:
“Reading doesn’t necessarily mean learning.”
you may read a topic for hours without understanding its matter. it’s interesting to note that most of us are not aware that we are not getting while reading. Just mechanically moving on the lines across a page gives feedback to ourselves that we have read the matter. But like we see other things around without understanding, we do read a topic without fully understanding it. This is why some students fail even after doing hard work.
So my advice is whatever you study, you ensure you know and understand it well. For this, elaborating the topic adequately and answering a questions from the topic you have read help a lot.
Arun Kumar

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