Successful presentation for IAS exam : study is not should be mentally prepared as well..

Management of frustration and negativity

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes you think you have control over things and people who have potential to influence your life but sometimes you experience just opposite things. You feel things are not going the way you like. 
I have been mentoring several students for the IAS mains examination just finished in October 2017. I want to share my experience with you. One of my students was badly affected by noise during examination as school was making frequent announcements for their own classroom students. After the exam in the evening, my student was badly frustrated as his performance was badly affected. He called me and told the whole story. I tried to sooth him and advised him to call upsc and lodge complaints before the controller of examination. He did the same and some changes did come next day. The relief, however, was not up to his level of expectation. I explained him that in principle you may think that things would go ideally but in the actual practice, it may not be the case. You can change the things the way you like but only in part. Partly, you should also change yourself according to the situation. This is essence of successful management of stress. If you expect to get the things go only the way you like, I think you are not a realistic person. Things sometimes may go just opposite to your wishes. But, even in that case, things will not be catastrophic if you do not start be too much apprehensive and negative. The reality is very simple. Part of the problem may have workable solution but some parts might not be. Such things are not solved but managed in the real life.
Thankfully, he did well in the exam and I hope to see him in the interview round. You also may learn from this experience.
God bless you
Arun Kumar
Mentor, Beautiful Mind IAS