The right strategy for the CSE-prelims

Dear Student

I have been eyewitness of  the success and failure of several students due to our personal guidance program. I usually ask the successful students what strategy they have followed in prelims and mains examination. By comparison, I have discovered that  successful students in CSE preliminary examination

  1. always  try to finish the syllabus of GS 123 for the mains before giving the preliminary examination
  2. are relatively well read of the NCERT books. Their concepts are clear.
  3. refer to  the materials of the coaching institutes but don’t get crazy to tame them all. It’s not even possible.
  4. take tests regularly. Most of them, rely on previous years question to guide their preparation. They often complaint that the questions made by the coaching institutes are often too difficult and don’t truly match the standard of the upsc.
  5. do get anxious at times. But, try to be realistic.

I would like to advise you to think about the above points. It could be very helpful.

-Arun Kumar