Tips for the preliminary exam 2020

The game is not over: A lot could be done in one month
Several students have started feeling the nerve as the big day ( probably 4th October 2020)  is approaching. For them,  now very little time is left and it’s almost over. This belief and resulting thinking are affecting their performance.
If you are one of the them then try to recall what happened during the T20 final match between England and west indies teams. West indies was at the door of the failure but in the last over West Indies’ Carlos Brathwaite smashed England’s Ben Stokes for four successive sixes to snatch a sensational four-wicket win in  World Twenty20 final. Had he given his hope,  he might not have done that amazing things.
Your feelings depends upon how you interpret the task: a problem or a challenge. Apparently, Brathwaite took it as a challenge and his emotional toughness played the decisive roles.  He fought till the end and become hero.
From the above example,  I want to remind you that a lot could be done in a month. So don’t slow down your preparation. keep accelerating and you will improve even in the last day  and win like Brathwaite did in theT20 final.
Arun Kumar
Mentor, Beautiful Mind IAS Institute

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  1. Thank you sir, It was very helpful! this is exactly what I wanted to hear at this point, more than a year and a half into preparation, I think at this time emotional stability is more important than completing the portion. Thank you for your motivational words! 🙂

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