What’s artificial intelligence? Discuss its nature, strength and limitations.15

Artificial intelligence refers to intelligence shown by machines like a computer. Human beings are called intelligent because we can think , reason, judge and ultimately solve problems. It is this intelligence that we have programmed in machine. Now computers are capable of many of the mental activities that were naturally performed mostly by human beings.The nature of artificial intelligence is cognitive and mechanical. A machine can be intelligence up to the extent it has been programmed. It could think, judge and solve problems like a human operator by using its sensory inputs and manipulating them by using the programmed algorithm and heuristic. The artificial intelligence is now proving superior to the natural intelligence of its creators in terms of speed with which processes the information and accuracy with which it computes .Our Mangalyan is a good example of the use of artificial intelligence.Although it is commanded by the ground centre scientists at ISRO, it has been programmed to take a prompt action by doing self diagnosis of any problem if it arises and take corrective measures. Had artificial intelligence been not be present on the switch board, message could have taken 22 min to reach the earth control centre and another 22 minutes to reach back the command to the Mangalyan. The lag was too high and risky for the mission.Google search engine is another excellent example of artificial intelligence. It claims that it knows you better than you know yourself. So all the traits of intelligence is now impressively shown by machine.  Can we say that artificial intelligence is just comparable to human intelligence? The answer is – no. Till date mechanical intelligence is limited in many ways. Maxine’s are successful to a great extent  in emulating analytical intelligence but it lacks flexibility that is a hallmark of human intelligence. Machine are intelligent but in predictable ways. It however has limitations to deal with unknown situations. It can go beyond the given  but this extension is logical only. It cannot go beyond the programmed scope. Moreover, machines lack emotional intelligence. It cannot do value judgement. It can’t take decisions based on emotions. This is a strength also as it doesn’t give space for emotional bias typical in human beings. It’s however a big short coming also. After all which behavior is intelligent is judged on the basis of value. And artificial intelligence is also inferior to human intelligence in terms of domains. Sternberg and Gardner like emphasized multimodal nature of intelligence. Social and experiential intelligence are still to be programmed for machines.Above all, the logical criticism which says a product of human mind can not be more able than its creator.

-Arun Kumar