Why do attitudes not change readily?

Q. Attitudes are changeable but they remain largely maintained in the actual practice. Explain why .10 marks
Model answer hints:
Attitudes or our evaluative tendencies, once formed, remain largely constant because
1) some attitudes are because of personality traits and dynamics/defences. Extraversion, for example, is an attitude which remains constant as our personality doesn’t change over night. ( Danial Katz).
2) knowledge based attitude or prejudice remains constant. Hitler’s atrocities are registered in history and knowledge does not change frequently.
3) Socially, some attitudes develop through modeling. As our parents, models, leader etc do not change so are our attitudes. Moreover, social reinforcements come from family, friends and community. This is also a reason for its maintenance as we live almost with the same groups. Some attitudes are value expressive.
4 . Cognitive design of the human beings: we human beings seek consistency and consonance in our experience.( Heider, Festinger) We have tendencies to avoid those information that contradict our present attitudes. This is achieved through a process called selective attention.
5. Attitudes developed out of classical conditioning remain maintained due to avoidance tendencies. Negative attitude towards some restaurant remains unchanged as we don’t try to visit the the same due to prior bad experience. So whenever we see its name, we feel aversion.
# you should elaborate these points adequately.