Arun Kumar,M.Sc.(Psy), UGC( NET), 15+ Exp Director, Beautiful Mind-IAS Institute

Dear students
If you aspire to clear IAS examination , you bear in your minds that this is a competition not just an academic examination where you put in limited efforts to get good percentage of marks.
In a competition, you sometimes don't get success despite putting in your best of that time. If you don't have this attitude, you can not be a good competitor.
One such student I had three years back. She went up to interview level in her very first attempt. She however couldn't make up to the final merit list of selection. Unfortunately, she could not clear in the second attempt also.
One evening , when i was about to leave for my residence, she came to my institute and poured her entire frustration onto me. 

The suitable strategy for civil service examination....

Many students do have talent but do not clear civil service examination partly because they don't really understand the system of this examination and do not have suitable strategies.
Putting too much focus on general studies just because its weigh is more ( 250x4= 1000) takes them into the illusion of logic. Their assessment is ,of course, logical but they fail to realize how much return they get from general studies papers 1,2 & 3.

Personal guidance is given in a group of 35 where you get individual attention of the teacher. This is the key for the excellent preparation and performance . At times, you are called individually and teachers explain the concepts again in order to fix your conceptual problem. This model of guidance has helped students secure rank 10, 18, 27, the CSE. The toppers in the IAS exam have rated this as one of the best institute of India for the civil service exams.

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No, the fees of the courses are reasonable.

Five most important and common reasons for the poor performance in the optional subject in the civil service examination
1. Too much reading, too little clarity in the understanding of concept and theoretical explanations
2. Rote memory approach : try to memorize..the details and descriptions Don't look for explanation and critical evaluation.
3. Notes based preparation.. Very little use of text books. Such students often have difficulty in answering indirect and hybrid unforeseen questions.
4. Only Listening to lectures in the coaching Institute . Poor practice in answer writing.
5. Last but not least, Inappropriate attitudes and poor time management skills during the preparation ; jointly these two factors impair consistency of putting efforts which is the most crucial for the successful preparation.
- Arun Kumar

We provide classes as well as test series for:

  1. psychology optional
  2. GS-Ethics
  3. GS- Current affairs
  4. Essay 
  5. Interview 

Yes, all courses are given in the online modes in  real time through Skype. Students can ask questions and give daily tests also. This is why students have judged this as at par with classroom courses and rated this institute as highly reliable. 

Yes, we provide highly dependable read only e-material for 

  1. Psychology optional
  2. Psychology CSE : Model Answers
  3. GS-Ethics
  4. GS-Ethics CSE : Model Answers

Our Achievers

Personal guidance & training provided at Beautiful Mind by Arun Sir have been imperative in my success..please sir guide other students this way..
010 - Medha Roopam
Medha Roopam Rank 10 CSE 2013
Psychology & Ethics
Classes & Tests were good. The major things are the approach to teaching and merits in evaluation..for me, best institute of ethics & essay
Anshul Gupta Rank 18 CSE 2015
Ethics & Essay
"Arun Sir has been my guide and mentor throughout this grueling period of preparation. Needless to say I would not have been successful without his invaluable contribution"
Ananya Agarwa, Rank 27 CSE 2012
Thank you very much Sir !
purva garg
Purva Garg, Rank 79th CSE 2014
GS & Interview
you are the most cherished and influential teacher in my life.....All the best for your future sir !
Aditi Chaudhary Rank 271 CSE-2013 "
Psychology & Interview
"Sir.. The teacher-student environment you create is such that, it enabled me to ask even the stupidest questions and doubts I had."
chaitra 2
Chaitra.T.John Rank 111 CSE 2014
Psychology & Interview
"I strongly recommend student, especially first timers, to take test series with Arun Sir as his personal guidance and critical evaluation will definitely benefit them"-
Rakesh Reddy, Rank 472, CSE 11
Psychology+ Interview
Kopal Tandon Rank 423 CSE 15
Parul Srivastava, Rank 355, CSE 14
Psychology+ Interview
I was a good in Psychology , I became better and refined and got the extra punch after joining Beautiful Mind” ,
Sandeep Ahuja Rank 252 CSE 2014
Timely and comprehensive feed back are great. It helped improve a lot
Gaurav Mangala, Rank 339, CSE 2014
Extremely inspiring ! I got everything that is required for success.
Krishnam Naidu, Rank 284, CSE 14
Psychology+ Interview
Rashi Dogra, Rank 312, CSE 2012
Narender Singh Rank 422, CSE 2012
406 - K Muralidhar
k Murlidhar Rank 406, CSE 2013