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M.Sc.(Psy), UGC( NET), Psy.D, Founder -Beautiful Mind , Delhi

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A message for those who could not clear CSE so far..
... Water boils only when it is heated up to 100 degrees Celsius. .. So keep going without being too much emotional. Success in CSE will come only through performance.
Of course, due to failure, time will appear tough but believe me it won't be catastrophic. Just have patience. Patience is a great virtue that is tested only in the tough time.
From my own experience, I can say that many students fail not because of the lack of talent but consistency. They do hard work but don't maintain consistency. Inconsistency is a major cause of failure. More over, having a mentor who could test and evaluate your performance during preparation  will help you compete successfully.   Hope you will note and check if this is a factor in your failure.
God bless you
Arun Kumar
Mentor, Beautiful Mind IAS Institute 01125819871

Smart preparation skills

1. Dedicated and fixed working hours : Formalize your working hours. It's extremely beneficial. You may work for about 8 hours everyday. In this regard ,

Our Achievers

Guidance & training provided at Beautiful Mind by Arun Sir have been imperative in my success
010 - Medha Roopam
Medha Roopam Rank 10 CSE 2013
Psychology & Ethics
"Arun Sir has been my guide and mentor throughout this grueling period of preparation. Needless to say I would not have been successful without his invaluable contribution"
Ananya Agarwa, Rank 27 CSE 2012
Thank you very much Sir !
purva garg
Purva Garg, Rank 79th CSE 2014
GS & Interview
you are the most cherished and influential teacher in my life.....All the best for your future sir !
Aditi Chaudhary Rank 271 CSE-2013 "
Psychology & Interview
"Sir.. The teacher-student environment you create is such that, it enabled me to ask even the stupidest questions and doubts I had."
chaitra 2
Chaitra.T.John Rank 111 CSE 2014
Psychology & Interview
Classes & Tests were good. The major things are the approach to teaching and merits in evaluation
Anshul Gupta Rank 18 CSE 2015
Ethics & Essay
Parul Srivastava, Rank 355, CSE 14

Classes , test and comprehensive discussion are great . Personal guidance is a great and key feature.

Rakesh Reddy, Rank 472, CSE 11

"I strongly recommend student, especially first timers, to take test series with Arun Sir as his personal guidance and critical evaluation will definitely benefit them"-

Krishnam Naidu, Rank 284, CSE 14

 Extremely inspiring ! I got everything that is required for success.

Sandeep Ahuja Rank 252 CSE 14

" I was a good in Psychology , I became better and refined and the extra punch after joining Beautiful Mind" ,

Gaurav Mangala, Rank 339, CSE 14

Timely and comprehensive feed back are great. It helped improve a lot