Arun Kumar

Founder, Beautiful Mind

M.Sc(Psy),UGC(NET),15+ EXP

Mentored For: Rank 10,11, 16,18, 27., 56, 80, 85 & more


Abhishek Gupta, Rank 377, Interview
Mayur Suryavansi, Rank 373, Interview
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Our achievers in CSE-2017

Congratulations !

Parul Pradhan, Rank 320, Psychology+Ethics+Essay
Dinesh Yadav, Rank 257, Psychology
Randhir Kumar, Rank 646, Psychology
Deepak Pundir, Rank 461, Psychology
Mounica Devagudi, Rank 465, Psychology
Kshitiz Saini, Rank 707, Psychology

Our achievers in CSE-2017

Congratulations !

Siddharth Jain, Rank 11, Essay
Deepanshu K, Rank 120, Essay
Harsh Singh, Rank 244, Essay
Abhishri , Rank 297, Ethics & Essay
Patibha Singh, Rank 760, Psychology
Neha Mittal, Rank 985, Psychology, Ethics & Essay
Pawan P, Rank 933, Psychology
Srishti Chaurasia, Rank 603, Interview

Mittali Shethi
Rank 56, CSE-16

Online Psychology

Venkata K Varri
Rank 593, CSE-16
318 Marks in Psychology 

Classroom Psychology

Medha Roopam
Rank 10, CSE-13

Classroom Psychology

Anshul Gupta , Rank 18, CSE 2015 Ethics & Essay

Anuj Malik
Rank 16 CSE 2016

Classroom Psychology

Joseph K Mathew
Rank 574 CSE 2016
311 Marks in Psychology 

Classroom Psychology

Chaitra T John
Rank 111 CSE 2014

Classroom Psychology

Chandrima Attri

161 Marks in Essay in CSE 2016

P Anvesha Reddy
Rank 80, CSE 2016

Classroom Psychology

Umul Kher
Rank 420 CSE 2016
Success in 1st attempt

Classroom Psychology

Ananya Agarwal
Rank 27 CSE 2012

Classroom Psychology

Medha Roopam , Rank 10 CSE-13, Ethics, 118 Marks

What our successful students say !

Purva Garg, Rank 79th CSE'14

Thank you very much Sir for everything !

Ananya Agarwal, Rank 27 CSE'12

"Arun Sir has been my guide and mentor throughout this grueling period of preparation. Needless to say I would not have been successful without his invaluable contribution"

Chaitra.T.John Rank 111 CSE'14

"Sir.. The teacher-student environment you create is such that, it enabled me to ask even the stupidest questions and doubts I had."

Medha Roopam Rank 10 CSE'13

Personal guidance & training provided at Beautiful Mind by Arun Sir have been imperative in my success..please sir guide other students this way..

Mittali Sethi- Rank 56 CSE’ 16​

"Beautiful mind IAS has played a tremendously significant role in my success and I could score 302 marks in Psychology”

Anshul Gupta-Rank 18 CSE'15

The major things are the approach to teaching and merits in evaluation..for me, best institute of ethics & essay

Prajit Nair , Rank 87
C M K Sarat C Rank 433
G Babu, Rank 337